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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Rep. Maria Cimini says she's "a little disappointed" Speaker Nicholas Mattiello is backing her primary opponent, but won't rule out backing Mattiello if she's re-elected.

The Providence Democrat abstained in the March vote for speaker. She said Saturday she met with Mattiello afterward and asked how she could be helpful.

In explaining his support for challenger Daniel McKiernan, Mattiello said this week that Cimini hadn't indicated she would support Mattiello in the future. Cimini says he didn't ask.

Mattiello said McKiernan sought his support and called his "moderate" views more in line with the district.

Cimini, one of the more liberal House Democrats, says she's busy "doing the job of getting re-elected" and that her message is resonating. She says she learned Mattiello was supporting McKiernan from media reports

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