NewsRadio 920 WHJJ and the Associated Press

MIDDLETOWN, R.I. (AP) — A Texas company plans to haul away the aircraft carrier Saratoga from a Rhode Island pier this summer and tow it to Texas for scrap.

The Newport Daily News reports Esco Marine is being paid a penny by the Navy to dispose of the Saratoga. The company plans to make its money from selling what it recovers from the ship.

The Navy had offered the Saratoga for donation as a museum, and a foundation was formed to try and relocated the ship from Coddington Cove to Quonset Point.

But in 2010, the Navy pulled the Saratoga off the donation list. The foundation then switched its preservation efforts to the USS John F. Kennedy.

The now mothballed Saratoga was launched in 1955 and decommissioned in 1994.


Shutterstock/Stephen B. Goodwin