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BANGOR, Maine (AP) — Testimony in the trial of two men charged with killing three people in Maine is getting underway with grisly descriptions of the crime scene and the victims' injuries.

First responders Friday described the horror of finding three bodies inside a burning car in a Bangor parking lot in August 2012. The state medical examiner also testified two had been shot before the car was set afire. Fire damage was too extensive to tell if the third victim was shot.

Randall Daluz of Brockton, Massachusetts, and Nicholas Sexton of Warwick, Rhode Island, are charged with three counts of murder.

Prosecutors say drugs played a role in the killings. The victims are 26-year-old Daniel Thomas Borders of Hermon, 24-year-old Nicolle Ashley Lugdon of Eddington, and 28-year-old Lucas Alan Tuscano of Bradford.


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