PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ A criminal defense attorney convicted of bribing a witness has been ordered to serve six years in prison.
       Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin said a judge on Wednesday ordered Gerard Donley to serve six years of an 11-year sentence, with the rest suspended with probation.
       A jury in June convicted Donley of bribery, obstruction and conspiracy for paying a stabbing victim $6,000 not to testify against his client, the man who allegedly stabbed him.
       Donley had testified he was trying to prevent more violence when he paid the money. He said it was not a bribe but was meant to compensate the man for his injuries.
       Kilmartin said Donley chose to brazenly break the law and thumbed his nose at the system of law he swore he would uphold. 

Photo Credit:  court - Shutterstock Africa Studio