NewsRadio 920 WHJJ and the Associated Press

NORTH SMITHFIELD, R.I. (AP) — The town of North Smithfield has begun enforcing a new ban on truck traffic in the Slatersville Historic District around town hall.

The ban, recently approved by state lawmakers, prevents trailers weighing more than four tons from travelling on the local streets, except to make deliveries there.

Town Administrator Paulette Hamilton tells the Woonsocket Call signs are being posted and police next month will begin imposing $50 fines for first infractions and $100 fines for subsequent violations .

Officials say the ban was prompted by accidents involving large trucks attempting to navigate the narrow village streets.

There are some exceptions to the ban. Those include emergency vehicles, state and municipal vehicles, public transit vehicles, school administration vehicles, and vehicle participating in parades.

Shutterstock/Stephen B. Goodwin