NewsRadio 920 WHJJ and the Associated Press

WESTERLY, R.I. (AP) — A $3 cup of shave ice is at the center of a fight in Westerly, Rhode Island. The dispute pits street vendors trying to stay in business in the beach town against officials who say the vendors cause traffic congestion and increase the potential for accidents.

George Manko sells Hawaiian shave ice in a private parking lot for beachgoers in Westerly, where celebrities including Taylor Swift and Conan O'Brien have summer homes.

The town recently banned street vendors, except for at festivals and one-time events. Town councilors said they did so because the police chief expressed safety concerns.

Manko defiantly continues to serve the summer treat. He said he believes the councilors don't like the look of street vendors.

He pleaded not guilty in municipal court to violating the ordinance.


Shutterstock/Stephen B. Goodwin