This is one of the worst weeks of the year local news wise. State lawmakers won't return to make sausage to create grist for the mill until Baby New Year arrives and the post Christmas news hangover lingers above like the cloud over Peanuts' Pig Pen...but what to my wondering eyes ( and ears) does appear but a weather forecast calling for a morning commute calling for a "coating" of snow promised to be washed away by rain by late morning.

Away to the big screen TV stations flew like a flash to lead newscasts with forecasts because nothing else was happening. OK, sorry, it doesn't rhyme and the last thing  we need is another lame end of the year A VISIT FROM SAINT NICK parody. It wasn't the usual "dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria" lead stories scrambling everyone to run out and buy batteries, bread and bottled water but more an opportunity to finally break out winter weather type reporting about new snow plows added to the state fleet, how the downtown ice rink has been handling high temps and looking forward to the colder snap to keep skaters happy and how to make sure your car's ready for freezing temps.

No panic...just an opportunity to finally talk about weather conditions we're all ALOT more familiar with. Trust me, there's plenty of winter left to create hysteria.