A few Tiverton churches got together on Ash Wednesday to offer “busy Christians” a chance to get their ashes without even unbuckling their car seat belts. ASHES TO GO replaced the traditional Ash Wednesday service at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Even a free cup of coffee came along with the fast serve version of the day marking the beginning on Lent.

NBC 10’s Susie Steimle’s report quoted the Rev. John Higginbotham of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church as saying the church needs to start “meeting people halfway. That’s what Jesus did” he said. “Jesus didn’t set up a building, open the doors and say ‘Come on in.’ He went out to villages, the people and to everybody.” OK, so far I WAS uneasily almost OK with this.

Then Steimle’s report quoted the Rev. Bill Sterrett of the Amicable Congregational Church as admitting ashes to go was “a publicity stunt” and that it worked. That’s when they lost me.


Lent is about making sacrifices. That sacrifice should include making time for the service not getting your ashes as if the next thing is ordering a Shamrock Shake and a side of fries. I wonder if anyone asked to supersize their ashes. If the idea behind ASHES TO GO is to bring people back to the church then these Tiverton churches have it all wrong. All they were today were facilitators for those who don’t have time for the church. Isn’t the whole point of Lent to reflect, slow down and have MORE time for the church?


One person quoted in Steimle’s report said “This is modern day Christianity.” Well if it is, I weep for the future. And as far as Rev Sterrett’s admission that this was a publicity stunt then let’s see you top it next year and try changing water into wine. Nothing up my sleeve….presto!







The Easter season means the arrival of the marshmallow sugar coated chicks called PEEPS. PEEPS have been around since 1953 and despite what you hear, PEEPS are not high in calories. One PEEP is 32 calories so a traditional 5-pack registers 160 calories total.

Every Easter, Americans consume more than 700 million PEEPS. In 1999, scientists at Atlanta’s Emory University performed experiments on batches of PEEPS to see how easily the eyes, which are made of Carnauba wax, dissolved, BURNED OR OTHERWISE DISINTEGRATED. The scientists reported using boiling water and liquid nitrogen but claimed the eyes of the little buggers wouldn’t dissolve in anything.


So enjoy your PEEPS this Easter season but just remember they’re on the inside of your digestive track look out at you. Put that in your Easter basket.



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