Feeling Those Good Vibrations




The owner and president of VIBCO Vibrators, the Wyoming RI based company that makes industrial vibrators used in dump trucks and asphalt repair, wants to help in the state’s war against potholes. In typical Rhode Island style, his FREE offer of expertise and equipment is being met with skepticism.

Karl Wadensten is offering every municipality in the state a free vibratory roller that he says dramatically improves the current method of “cold patching” potholes until the warmer weather arrives when roads can be repaved. When I booked Wadensten for last Friday’s show, he told me the potholes are “a metaphor for where our state is.” I told him I wish I had come up with that one. When he said the same to the Pro-Jo’s Ed Fitzpatrick, the Journal columnist said Wadensten sounded like a candidate.

Wadensten is a no nonsense guy who tells it like it is. He’s the lone member of the EDC board to vote no on the state’s ill-fated loan to 38 Studios. His VIBCO is an internationally successful business. I’ve visited his shop and couldn’t have been more impressed with his systems. His workers are happy, productive and innovative. His vibratory rollers have been used for years by municipalities in other states including the Big Apple. Let’s see, we make the vibrators HERE, they’re used successfully elsewhere yet Karl can’t get the leaders in the smallest state in the union to embrace his offer?


Wadensten has hinted about running for Governor. Whether he’s serious or not shouldn’t make his offer to help in the war against potholes a part of his “political agenda.” Personally, I hope he does throw his army helmet into the ring (something Wadensten often dons when giving a speech). He’s a proven business leader, a no nonsense guy and someone loves the state and wants to find ways to fix problems.




Ring A Ding-Ding




Red Sox fans who were hoping Jacoby Ellsbury would have the guts (if the Yankees allowed him) to participate in the Sox home opening ring celebration can forget about it. The Yankees have a night game in Toronto that night while the Sox open at home against the Milwaukee Brewers. We’ll have to wait until April 22nd when the Yanks visit Fenway to enjoy seeing his ass get booed off the field….unless, of course, he’s on the D-L.