Tuesday night marks the first debate of the political season as Ch 12 Eyewitness News and The Pro-Jo team up as hosts as Democrats Gina Raimondo, Angel Taveras and Clay Pell square off at PPAC. Ch 12 airs it live at 7pm. Tim White serves as moderator and colleague Ted Nesi and the Journal’s Ed Fitzpatrick join Tim in the grill-fest.

I’m hoping we break some new ground Tuesday night. I already know Gina (as her TV spots brand her with the last name Raimondo presented as an after thought) has her late father’s work ethic and likes to ride bikes with her hubby and kids thru downtown Providence. I know Angel (again branded in HIS TV ads with HIS last name an afterthought) went from Head Start to Harvard and doesn’t come from a famous family (duck, Clay, that’s a direct lob at you) and I know one two things about Clay Pell. First, he DOES come from a famous political family and secondly, he drove his Prius somewhere and lost it.

What I don’t know is how any of the three plan to get RI out of these economic doldrums. The Economy and jobs are the two things voters want you to address so put the bikes away, hang the Harvard sheepskin back on the wall and buy one of those FINDIT keyfinders from AS SEEN ON TV and get down to the nitty gritty.


Is the Elephant About to Leave the Room?



The Associated Press ran a story Monday saying Buddy Cianci is thinking about running for mayor of Providence again. This isn’t exactly a “stop the presses moment” as the notion of BUDDY THREE has been bouncing around in Hiz-Hona’s noggin for QUITE a long while.

My guess is the lone thing he’s deciding is to run as an Indy or as a Democrat. We’ll know by June 25th, the deadline to file. Brown political science professor Wendy Schiller said on my show Monday she wouldn’t be surprised if Cianci ran in the crowded democratic field and splintered the vote gaining enough to get by and then face the lone republican, Dr Dan Harrop who is not exactly a vote generating magnet.