Power Play


Former Speaker of the House Gordon Fox

It’s certainly fun watching the ongoing power grab on Smith Hill.  Former Speaker Gordon Fox’s political carcass wasn’t even cold yet before House Majority Leader Nicholas Mattiello presided over a “Democratic Caucus” at the Orms street Mariott on Friday night.

Rep. Nicholas Mattiello

Some high profile Democrats were a bit ticked off they weren’t invited to Mattiello’s soiree. Of course, THOSE Democrats have THEIR sights on the speaker’s office themselves. Mattiello insists he has the 38 votes necessary to become the next speaker. An election for a new speaker is likely Tuesday.

Meantime, Col. Steven O’Donnell, Superintendent of the RI State Police, didn’t disclose why state police and federal law enforcement agencies were investigating Fox. The Pro-Jo is reporting that O’Donnell wouldn’t say whether Fox is the target of the investigation or merely someone with evidence of crimes committed by others.

O’Donnell did say, however, “Fox knows what’s going on. He’s certainly aware of what happened and why it happened.” Sounds a tad ominous to me.

Bottom line here is it’s never a good thing when people with the letters FBI and IRS emblazoned on the back of their navy blue windbreakers show up at your office to pack your stuff into boxes.


Staggering Stat



A survey done by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that while more Americans are confident about their retirement planning for the first time in seven years, more than one third of workers only have $1,000 saved. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS?


Frozen Tundra


Groundskeepers throughout MLB  baseball are scrambling to get their ballparks ready for opening day after months of snow and freezing temps. The defending World Champion (doesn’t that still sound cool?) Boston Red Sox open at Baltimore march 31ST. Baltimore received 26” of snow December-February.

The Red Sox home opener and ring ceremony is April 4th against the Milwaukee Brewers. Boston had 56.4” of snow over that same period….and more could be on the way Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.