Rhode Island…The Undecided State

Last week’s Brown University Poll has both the Democratic and Republican Governor’s race in a dead heat. The biggest news in the poll was how many of those potential voters polled are undecided. In the Democratic race for governor it’s 35.2%. That’s actually UP from a Brown poll done in October when 25.6% were undecided. Have Gina Raimondo and Angel Taveras been unable to define themselves in the minds of the voters? Has the entry of Clay Pell (who got into the race in late January) made voters rethink things as another Democratic option entered the field? Granted, there’s a LONG time to go between now and the September 9th primary, but one would expect the number of undecided voters to go DOWN at this point, not up.


On the GOP side of things, the Brown poll shows Ken Block leading Allen Fung 36%-31% but because is SO difficult to even get a decent sample of Republican voters in ANY poll, you can put those numbers in the shredder right now. For S’s and giggles, the poll shows 38.5% undecided in the GOP race for governor.

Headed For a Showdown

 Political pundits will have differing opinions about the lawsuit for pension overhaul now to be decided in a court of law. The breakdown in mediation finalized Friday as the two sides announced they’d reached an impasse. A September 15th court date’s set. Primary elections are September 9th. Gina Raimondo, who spearheaded the reform can say “hey, I tried to do what was best for Rhode Island while her opponent, Angel Taveras will likely make “this whole thing should have been negotiated long ago” his likely mantra. We’ll see whose message resonates with voters best.

What Stresses You Out?

 A survey by Neilsen says 8 out of 10 Americans are stressed out by AT LEAST one thing at work. So what stresses us out the most? It’s a tie….low wages (duh) and long commutes.

Intentional Ignorance?

Actress Julie Louis-Dreyfus appears on the cover of next month’s ROLLING STONE magazine with her nude back tattooed with the U-S Constitution on it. It’s signed by John Hancock. Problem is, Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. I’m thinking it was an intentional gaffe to get people talking about ROLLING STONE magazine which has drifted into the world of irrelevance. If it wasn’t an intentional ploy, the I agree with the assessment of the Maitre D at CHEZ QUIS in FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF “I weep for the future.”