So, Which One’s the Blockhead?


When I first saw the campaign ad this weekend my first reaction was “that’s clever. Ken Block using a little bit of humor by calling his supporters BLOCKHEADS much the same fashion the fans of the Green Bay Packers call themselves CHEESEHEADS.” Then I realized…it was an attack ad from the Allan Fung for Governor campaign against his GOP primary candidate Ken Block.

Fung’s latest TV ad features people appearing as if they literally have square heads through the magic of computer generated imagery. One says “I just love that he voted for President Obama TWICE” while another claims “Block supports Obamacare.”

The ad ends with one of the BLOCKHEADS about to stick his fork into a toaster, something only an idiot would do. Fung told me on my show the ad is “a lighthearted way of showing Republicans who this guy (Block) really is.” It’s the most recent round in the battle between Fung and Block to position themselves as the truer Republican.

The Block camp points out Block is on the record saying he recognizes voting for Obama was a mistake and has been a loud critic of Obamacare.

Most political campaigns turn negative at some point for the simple fact that negative ads work but here’s the problem with this one. If Fung does beat Block in the primary, he then needs to win back those GOP voters whom he labeled as BLOCKHEADS. A better approach would have been “Which Ken Block do you want to believe” and leaving the name calling out.


Here’s A Story of a COSTLY Lady


Actress Ann B Davis, who played the live in maid Alice on the Brady Bunch all those years, went to the big soundstage in the sky this weekend at 88. If we put the Bradys and Alice in a time machine and propelled them in 2014, there’s no way an architect with six kids (not to mention that dolt cousin Oliver who joined the show the year it jumped the shark) and a  stay at home wife could afford the luxury of a live in maid. MarketWatch reports that formal live in maid now easily commands $65,00-$70,000 annually.

Make your own P&J, Marsha.