Believe it or not, I’m actually a hopeless romantic at heart. That’s why I’m hoping the folks who ultimately decide what’s done with 83 acres of Rocky Point in Warwick inject a little nostalgia into what’s developed there.

The state’s goal is to creation a recreation sight that will remain mostly natural but could also include some food vendors and attractions. Those 83 acres will compliment about 40 adjacent acres aquired by the city of Warwick in 2007.

Granted, nobody wants a return of the thrill rides and tacky midway that closed for keeps in the mid 90’s. By that time most rides were held together with prayers and duct tape (I wonder how many “clam cakes” exchanged hands between inspectors and Rocky Point owners in those waning days) The grounds had become an eyesore.

I’m talking a retro-feel mini midway of  a handful of rides and games of chance along with one high scale seafood restaurant and a scaled down shore dinner hall for chowder and clamcakes. I also think the spot is perfect for an all inclusive wedding destination for vows, photos and receptions.

My final suggestion is medium size outdoor concert area. There’s nothing wrong with a little taste of the past as we prepare Rocky Point for the future.