Sochi Olympics- Just “So-So”
I guess some things simply can’t live up to all the hype we create these days. NBC HAD to give the Sochi Olympic games all the pre games push and the over the top coverage once the games began. Remember, NBC-Universal shelled out $775 million bucks for the broadcast rights fees so they had to do everything within their power to make this thing successful, including all the ridiculous over the top TODAY Show coverage that saw the network’s hosts and “journalists” doing one foolish thing after another, morning in and morning out which seemed to escalate in silliness as the day’s progressed.

I look back at the two weeks of competition and walk away with a massive shoulder shrug, headshake and a “yea, so?” attitude…and it wasn’t because the US really didn’t live up to medal speculation. It was a lot of things that added up to my apathetic attitude towards the last 14 days in Sochi:

The time difference- You can give me all the “spoiler alerts” you want. Things were settled 9-hours ahead of EST. It just ain’t the same watching it on tape delay.

Events LIVE on NBC’s multiple networks and live streaming- Hey, MOST people have to work. Sorry, see above.

What NBC chose to cover during prime time- Seemed like every time I tuned in it was figure skating. I realize it’s the most popular sport of the games, but enough already.

Our Biggest Highlight Came Too Early- Let’s face it, Cranston’s Marissa Castelli and partner Simon Shnapir’s Bronze in Team Skating seems like three months ago!

Our Second Biggest Highlight Came Too Early in the Morning- The men’s hockey game between USA and RUSSIA started at 7am on a Saturday morning midway thru the games.

That Bear- The Sochi Mascot was creepy!

NHL Stars: Stay Home!

After watching the USA men’s hockey team play on the heels for three periods against Canada in the semis and then phoning it in against Finland as if a Bronze medal was beneath them, I hope the NHL and its players union does decide to pass on the 2018 games in South Korea. I’d rather see a USA team of collegiates who play with passion go winless and represent our country with pride than watch that group of millionaires roll over and die in the Bronze medal game.