Three Peas In A Pod


If you were looking for the three Democratic candidates for Governor to offer anything that sets them apart during last night’s first debate among the trio….keep looking. When asked to name just ONE policy difference between them, the best any of them could offer was Clay Pell saying he wants the minimum wage raised to $10.10 immediately while opponents, Gina Raimondo and Angel Taveras, both favor the hike but they’d wait a few years. Whoa…stop the presses.

Granted, this was the first debate among the three with likely many more to follow but here’s why I think it’s imperative Pell and especially Taveras somehow differentiate  themselves from Raimondo sooner than later.

It’s a simple word….money. Raimondo has enough in her war chest to stay on TV, radio, print, direct mail, and social media in a steady blitz until primary day September 9th. Taveras and Pell don’t have the scratch to do so. This is why it’s critical Taveras and Pell take advantage of EVERY opportunity to tell the voters of this state where they differ from Raimondo and these debates offer that opportunity FREE of charge. All Raimondo has to do is continue her media blitz until voters are almost subconsciously numb come primary day heading towards the voting booth like the cast of The Walking Dead.

The most recent  Ch 12-Pro Jo poll gave Taveras a slim lead over Raimondo but the margin of error makes it a virtual tie. This is where the money comes in. She has it, he doesn’t and that makes a BIG difference. Lots of time between now and primary day? Carpe diem, Angel…carpe diem.