Wearing the Red, White and Blue



Johnny Gomes wore that American flag blazer to Tuesday’s White House visit with President Obama in the Rose Garden at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Gomes bought an American flag blazer for himself and every team member but he was the lone Sox player to don one. President Obama was presented with one at the photo op today. My guess it’s already packed in mothballs stuck away in the Millard Fillmore bedroom.


I’ve heard lots of outrage about Gomes’ decision to meet the President wearing something more fitting for Apollo Creed’s long walk to the ring to take on the Italian Stallion. I’ve even heard some accusing Gomes of desecrating the flag. That prompted me to look up actions that may be treated as flag desecration.

Burning it? Nope.

Urinating on it? Not to my knowledge.

Stepping on it? Nope.

Shredding it? Nope.

Dragging it on the ground? Nope.

Using it unconventionally? Well, this certainly comes the closest. But I saw no malice of forethought here towards old glory.

Gomes is known as eccentric. He’s also known as a very proud American. I think he meant well. I also think he meant to be what he seems to always want to be, which is the center of attention.

One thing I’m completely sure of. Had Ted Williams been around the Rose Garden for today’s ceremony, he would have slapped the taste out of Gomes’ mouth. Ted also wouldn’t have worn a tie.


Let the Babies Drink the Milk



How do you say “it’s over” in Austro-Bavarian? Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action film SABOTAGE came in 7th at the box office last week taking in a paltry 5.3 million dollars. It’s the third consecutive stinkburger for the 66 year old “action star” after his previous two flicks failed to break the 10 million dollar mark in their debuts.


Buy Me Some Peanuts And Cracker Jack….If You Have Any $ Left


The Fan Cost Index- what you’d shell out you took your family of four to Fenway for a Sox game  (4-tix, two brews, four small soft drinks, four hot dogs, parking, 2-game programs and 2 of the cheapiest adjustable caps you can score) totals $350.78.