All the speculation ends this afternoon just before Providence City Hall and the Board of Canvassers wrap up another day of business in Kennedy Plaza. All the “will he or won’t he” ends.

The theatre becomes reality as Buddy Cianci must file his declaration papers by 4pm if he intends to seek BUDDY THREE and run for mayor of Providence. In typical Buddy fashion, he has milked the benefit of the build up on his radio and TV gigs as Providence residents wait with bated breath as he plays his audience like a harp from hell.

But now the wild card must be played and it’s the end of this card game that fascinates me. Flashback to 1990 when Cianci did the exact same thing milking the last drop before announcing on his radio show he’d be running having some straphanger file his papers at the final tick of the clock. But this edition of Déjà vu doesn’t exactly fit the definition.

First, there was a little thing called Plunderdome along the way plus the demographics of the capital city have certainly changed since then. My question is this…have the best days of this scenario played out? Is the trailer better than the movie?

If Buddy decides NOT to run, is the air out of the balloon? He can huff and he can puff but can he still blow the house down? Can he continue to criticize the candidates without hearing “well, if you have all the answers, then why didn’t YOU run?”

On the other hand, should he decide to run and he loses where does that leave his legacy? All the theories and conjecture are put to bed Wednesday at 4pm. It’s time for Buddy to “put up” but not necessarily “shut up.”